Battle of the Books 2021


Mr. Smith

Del Val’s Media Center may be closed for COVID concerns, but Battle of the Books still goes on.

Joe Flynn, The Delphi Editor

Battle of the Books is a competition between five schools this year, and was held Wednesday March 24th.

The team is made up of five members, who are all juniors. Each team is given out the books that need to be read beforehand, and are asked questions regarding details from the book.

The point system varies; if a team gets the book name correct but the author’s name wrong, only half of the points are given. This year, Del Val’s biggest challenge will be J.P. Stevens, and the team was looking forward to it. In previous years, the competition would be held at one of the high school’s or at a venue, but because of COVID-19, the competition was held on Zoom.

The books given out “run the gamut” this year but are all fiction, Media Center specialist and team advisor Ms. Miceli said.

Although Del Val’s team had no in-person meetings this year because of COVID restrictions, it made up for it with the poise to win. Everybody relied on each other, making the recipe for a great team.

Del Val was eager to win this year and the team did its best to prove that they are the best in the county. COVID restrictions have limited what the teams are able to do,  nevertheless Del Val put in the work to win.

Battle of the Books is important to the team and to Del Val. While not given a lot of help this year because of the pandemic, the intensity is just as high.

Ms. Miceli is very proud of the team. The competition was held yesterday at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday March 24, where Del Val tied for 10th place.