Del Val wrestling team earns 800th win



The Del Val Wrestling team celebrates its 800th win in the wrestling room.

Hannah Spinetta, The Delphi Editor

April 3, 2021 was a historic day for Del Val’s wrestling team, as the team scored its 800th win.

Wrestling coach and Math teacher, Mr. Fitz, said, “We honored our past and present with the changing of the number to 800.” The team did not have any sections or districts this year, so they are pleased with this achievement.

Fitz selected 3 MVPs from the match to take down the 7, 9, and 9 from the 799th win on the wrestling room wall. Fitz also selected 3 people close to the program to add the 8, 0, and 0. Mike Taylor, Diane Pona, and Phil Hutchins received the honor.

“Mike Taylor is the father of our 113 pounder and a long youth coach. He represented all the youth coaches who have helped us earn these 800 victories over the years,” Fitz said. “Diane Pona, our trainer, and Phil Hutchins, long time coach, have been around the program for years and have seen as many wins as anyone and deserved to change a number after all this time.”

“My father,” a former Del Val wrestling coach with 284 wins himself, “and I are very proud of all that our school has accomplished on and off the mat,” Fitz said.

Congratulations to the wrestling team for their win. Their hard work and determination is rewarded and noticed by Del Val and the community.