Graduation 2021


Rick Epstein

The class of 2021 will see a return to normalcy for this year’s graduation, much like the class of 2019’s ceremony.

Hannah Spinetta, The Delphi Editor

Normalcy is finally seeming to make a comeback for graduation this year.

Graduation will be held on Friday, June 18 at 10 am at Tap Webb Memorial Field with parents/guardians seated in the bleachers if the weather is nice. If the weather is inclement, it will be held in the auditorium, and the parents will then view a livestream from classrooms.

“So, right now, today, it’s two tickets per student,” Ms. Romeo said. She also included the duration of the ceremony stating, “it usually lasts close to two hours, and is usually done by noon, give or take.”

Regarding COVID guidelines for the parents/guardians, that information is unknown. The only known protocol is that attendees should be six feet apart and wearing masks.

Concerning graduation practice, “You guys will come in at 10 and go to the auditorium, and we will probably have you separated a seat or two, and then we will go over some rules. You know, little things like the dress code, the walk out and all that, then around 10:15, you guys will go into rooms that we will assign you,” Romeo said. “In the past, we have posted your names on the doors in alphabetical order, so it would start with like C100, C102, C104, and then you would go down [to the field].”

“There’s about fourteen or fifteen [students] to a room, and then you go into the rooms and Mrs. Olcott comes around to make sure she pronounces your names correctly. Then we will walk you outside, and we’ll walk down to the field. Everybody will sit in the seat they’re supposed to sit in, and then we will give you your bags,” Romeo said. “In the bags will be your cap and gown, your tickets, your honors, and some snacks, a gift for you guys and then you will be dismissed.” Ms. Romeo also adds, “[practice] usually goes for about two hours, give or take.”

So far, this is what graduation practice and graduation itself will look like. If anything changes, an email will be sent out. It looks like graduation is starting to come back to how it used to be, so this should be exciting!

Good luck to all seniors for their graduation. You’re almost done!