Homecoming is right around the corner!


Photo via dvrhs.org

Go onto the Del Val website and get your tickets soon!

Sara Matthews, The Delphi Staff

Save the date for this year’s Homecoming dance on October 2nd, from 7:00pm-10:00pm.

For the first time, Homecoming will be hosted outside to ensure students’ masks are not mandatory. The dance will be held on the football field with a dance floor, tent, and food.

Bring your appetite for baked ziti, pasta dishes, and dessert options. There will be a penne marinara dish for vegans and vegetarians. Allergies will also be taken into consideration.

According to Ms. Severns, Student Council advisor,“We raised the price a little bit because we really want to provide students with really good food and a really good atmosphere.”

Tickets now cost 20 dollars, which can be purchased online through the Del Val homepage.  The increase in price covers the menu and the DJ.

It wouldn’t be a dance without music! There is going to be a professional DJ who will take song requests. In order to request songs, there will be a list to put down the name and artist of your song. 

Ms. Severns recommends “Flats, I tell everybody to wear flats.”

This will make the walk down to the field, and dancing, easier. The dance floor will not take up the whole field to ensure there are areas to relax.

Go get your ticket now and get ready for a good time, because this Homecoming is not going to be like any other!