2021 virtual NHS induction


Lisa Cartwright

All of the NHS inductees at the end of the virtual ceremony.

Rebecca Matthews, Editor-in-Chief

Last Thursday, the National Honor Society inducted their new members into this prestigious club.

Similar to last year, NHS decided to have a virtual ceremony due to the uprise in COVID-19 cases in the area. Students inducted into the honor society logged onto the zoom call at 6:25 to get ready for the induction to start.

Once the parents joined in, it was time to start the ceremony. NHS advisor Ms. Miceli opened up the induction by explaining the goals of the Delaware Valley NHS chapter. Immediately following, she lists the elected officers for the 2021-2022 school year.

Emily Kraynanski, the Corresponding Secretary, explained the first of the 4 pillars of the National Honor Society. “Scholarship denotes a commitment to learning,” Kraynanski said.

She also explained how these students are hard workers and continue to learn and grow when school isn’t always in session.

Zachary Erling, the Recording Secretary, explained the second pillar. “Service can be established in the routine of the days work,” Erling said.

The service pillar mainly encompasses how NHS inductees are always volunteering and putting their time aside to help others. By volunteering, NHS members make each tomorrow a little better.

Parents and kids congratulating new members
Virtual congratulations rolled in as the students were inducted into NHS. (Lisa Cartwright)

Ellie McNamara, the Vice President, discussed the third pillar. “Leadership can exert a wholesome influence on the school,” McNamara said.

Regardless of their situation, leaders try to overcome the obstacles and make sure others are doing well.

Armend Berisha, the President, went on to explain the last pillar. “Character is the force within the individual,” Berisha said.

To have a good character, one must be helpful and kind. Someone with a good character always strives to make sure they’re the best version of themselves they can be.

After the pillars were explained, McNamara led the new inductees in saying the honor society pledge. Following the pledge, Principal Olcott announced the new members of NHS.

This years induction class includes Katharine Bach, Madeline Beyer, Devonte Bishop, Madeline Bobrowski, Julia Burchill, Carly Christie, Adam Cuzzolino, Grace DeLisle, Mason Erling, Gianna Ferrari, Alexa Geoffroy, Nicole Geoffroy, Rachel Geoffroy, Courtney Higgins, Austen Howard, Brock Kephart, Ryan Kirschenmann, Zara Mapleston, Rebecca Matthews, Bailey Neal, Claire Parsons, Gabriellea Pfefferle, Molly Radano, Vincenzo Randazzo, Paige Spinelli, Samantha Spota, Yazaan Tarique and Meaghan Walsh.

Mrs. Wasserbach ended the night by giving a congratulatory speech. She spoke about how she wished we could have been together to celebrate the occasion, but having a virtual ceremony to ensure the safety of the inductees and their families doesn’t make her any less proud of the students.

Congratulations to all the new inductees! If you would like to watch the induction ceremony, click here.