The truth about Antonio Brown


Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license

Antonio Brown has had a complicated NFL career, and walking off of the field mid game added drama to his story.

Jack Hancsin, The Delphi Staff

Antonio Brown has been in the NFL for 11 years, but in his week 17 game against the Jets, he unexpectedly took off his shoulder pads and helmet and threw them on the ground, he threw his gloves and undershirt into the crowd and walked into the locker room.

Antonio Brown left the field in the third quarter of the Jets game due to Coach Bruce Arians wondering where Brown was and why he was not on the field. He found Brown on the bench and yelled at him, asking what was wrong with him.

Brown complaining about his ankle, and the coach screamed at him that he’s done and off the team. 

Brown’s story is that he didn’t quit and walk away from his teammates; he was being thrown out of the game and kicked off the team by Arians.

Before the game even started, Brown already had pains in his ankle and received no medical attention; he even texted the coach about it.

There is a difference between launching off the line and taking hits and jogging off the field with emotions going through your head with a hurt ankle you are not thinking about. 

In the interview after the game, Arians was questioned about why Brown jogged off the field shirtless. He denied everything they asked, even about Brown’s ankle, which he pretended he did not know about. 

Antonio Brown has been on the Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL teams throughout his football career.

Brown had 837 receptions in his first nine seasons in the NFL, which is the second most in NFL history. He is also one in five receivers of all time to record 100+ receptions and 15+ receiving touchdowns in one season.

This year, he was  close to getting a nearly one million dollar bonus before he walked off the field.

He was about to get $333,333 for eight more receptions, $333,333 for 55 more receiving yards, and $333,333 for one more receiving touchdown. 

With Chris Godwin out with a torn ACL, and Antonio Brown leaving the team, the Buccaneers will have to mainly rely on Mike Evans and the backup wide receivers.

Once Antonio Brown is done with his surgery, he will be back 100% and looking forward to making an attempt to play football again.