Chocolate: the perfect Valentine’s Day gift


Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license

Chocolate is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Sara Matthews, The Delphi Staff

Chocolate started to become a popular Valentine’s gift in 1861.

Before chocolates, the most common Valentine’s candy were conversation hearts. 

Over the years, chocolate became more and more popular.

According to Santabarberachocolate, the reason for chocolate having a connection to Valentine’s Day is “There is an allure to chocolate that in essence is exotically romantic, it’s simply an edible declaration of love that makes the recipients of chocolate feel special and undeniably gratifying.” 

Chocolate expresses an appreciation for a significant other or friend. The feeling of giving someone chocolate on Valentine’s Day is to make them feel special. 

There are many varieties of chocolates. White, dark, milk, with almonds, with Carmel, and the list goes on. Having this variety allows for more people to want to try the newest chocolates, or having a selection of chocolates gives the other person an idea of what fun, different chocolates to look for. 

Especially for Valentine’s Day, new chocolates are announced and brought to the stores. 

As Forrest Gump once said, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.”

Sharing can be a great way to meet someone new! A great factor about chocolates is they are so easy to share. 

Chocolates tend to last longer, and expire later, than other Valentine gifts. 

Chocolate may be seen as unhealthy, however chocolate can be healthy and is a nice treat to be gifted. It is proven that chocolate is adequate for the brain and makes individuals feel good. Some chocolates have benefits, such as dark chocolate. Dark chocolate can help with the heart, decreasing blood clotting and helping blood pressure. 

Although there is no correct Valentine’s Day gift, chocolates are a token of love and can be bought for a well-cherished Valentine.