Everything you need to know about the DVRHS 2022 Prom


Rick Epstein

Del Val’s 2021 Prom was a return to “normal,” but this year’s will be maskless.

Julia Burchill, The Delphi Staff

After two years of proms impacted by COVID-19 restrictions, the Delaware Valley Regional High School junior and senior classes are looking forward to a maskless dance for the 2022 Prom.

The Architect’s Golf Club has been selected as the venue for this year’s dance. The event will be split into two sections: dining and dancing.

“The venue has a large tent which we will be using. It is well ventilated and attached to the inside ballroom,” said Diane Romeo, DVRHS prom advisor. “The dancing will be inside.”

Dinner will be held within the tent. Although the menu is still being finalized, vegetarian options will be provided.

As for mask restrictions and social distancing, there are currently no set regulations for the date of the event. The removal of the mask mandates and the partially outdoor venue provide greater opportunity for students to experience a normal prom, similar to those before the pandemic.

While themes are not normally selected for DVRHS proms, a specific song will be chosen by a group of seniors. This song will provide a basis for decorations and minor decisions concerning the aesthetic of the dance.

Students will be able to request songs throughout the dance. With a DJ provided by Showoff Productions, it is sure to be a diverse night in terms of song selection.

Although the first round of prom tickets are no longer available, $100 tickets will be sold from April 30 to May 8, a month before the event on June 4. Out of district guests are able to attend, but must complete a mandatory form beforehand.

The DVRHS 2022 Prom will be a night to remember, so be sure to purchase your tickets while you can!