Slideshow: Del Val blood drive

On March 22, The American Red Cross hosted a Blood Drive to collect blood for people in need of blood transfers. The blood drive ran throughout the school day and was open to anyone in the school or community who met the qualifications to donate blood. Del Val’s National Honor Society co-hosted this annual event, which hadn’t happened the past two years because of the pandemic. (Brian Smith)
It was a beautiful day for a blood drive when the American Red Cross truck pulled up unloaded with their tubes, needles, and gurneys into the Hutch gym. The Red Cross started set up just after arriving at 6am that morning. The amount of equipment that was brought in was intimidating, but the event organizers, teachers and students got it in the gym in the blink of an eye. (Brian Smith)
Ms. Miceli, co-advisor of National Honor Society, and the students didn’t work the blood drive alone. They worked alongside the school’s security team, including Mr. Lowe. Ms. Miceli was behind the operation, checking everyone in and making sure they were accounted for. Mr. Lowe, who also donated blood later in the day, was working as security to make sure all participants made it in and out of the gym safely. (Brian Smith)
After checking in, there was a wait. Donors had to wait in a line and get called up to be screened. Because this was a medical event, donors had to wears masks in the gym even though the mask mandate was lifted at the time. The Hutch gym was set up with beds to take blood. The American Red Cross was excited to have so many people donate, as the event collected 134% of its initial goal. (Jennifer MacDade)
After checking in, the volunteers would have to get their vitals checked to see if they were viable to donate. Healthcare workers took many precautions to ensure everyone was safe. They took tests to check the donors’ blood iron, heart rates, acceptable blood pressure and height and weight ratio. If they met the requirements, they were seated in the waiting area until there was an open station to draw blood. Pictured in photo: Mae Gordon (right) and Lisa Ann Scaramuzzo (left). (Brian Smith)
After the healthcare workers checked the donors’ eligibility, they escorted them over to the beds where they were prepared for the donation process to begin. Patients were asked to relax as the specialist cleaned their arms. Once the needle was inserted, donors waited 10 to 15 minutes for their donation to be collected. NHS co-advisor, Ms. Cartwright, proved how easy and safe it is to donate with two thumbs in the air. Immediately following the donation, she fueled up with cookies and juice to replenish her energy. (Tracy Miceli)
Ms. Cartwright (right) and Ms. Miceli (left center), along with NHS member Devonte Bishop (right center), were sure to thank each donor after giving blood. A team of NHS students assisted the volunteers throughout the donation process. As many have described it, the blood drive was not only a huge success, surpassing the goal of 47 units by just 12:30, many describe it as a very rewarding process. The drive served as a heart-warming event that brought the community closer though the participants’ kindness. (Brian Smith)
After a long day, the blood drive well-surpassed its original goal. The Delphi staff wants to thank everyone who helped organize this year’s blood drive and everyone who donated. The next time the Red Cross truck arrives, think about donating either your blood or your time. You can reach them at 1-800-RED CROSS or at Your donation can help save a life. (Brian Smith)