Spring play cast partakes in roadside clean-up


Mrs. Civitillo

Spring Play Cast Cleans Up Town

Clare Erwin, The Delphi Editor

The cast and crew of Del Val’s spring play, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, got some fresh air yesterday while benefiting their community and environment in the process. Instead of a regular rehearsal, the group spent its after-school hours picking up garbage along a 2-mile stretch of Doris Road in Alexandria Township. The students were successful in cleaning the entire road within a 2-hour window. Clean-ups like this are also offered in Kingwood and Holland Townships, and they are also offered by the state of New Jersey. Mrs. Civitillo, who directs the spring play, points out that the cast looked forward to the clean-up, which is a great opportunity for any future groups of students who wish to participate.