Del Val prepares to celebrate its 60th anniversary

Clare Erwin, The Delphi Editor

Delaware Valley Regional High School can expect some new and exciting changes as the 2019-2020 school year begins.

First and foremost, Del Val would like to acknowledge and celebrate it’s 60th Anniversary. Since 1959, the school has been providing students with a quality education, and as people reflect on how the school and community have grown and changed, people can also be confident in the dependability of those standards. Many activities are underway as of right now, and among them is a culminating celebration happening this spring. “We’re going to really try to involve the community, alumni, current students, and staff. It should be a lot of fun,” says Superintendent Mrs. Wasserbach.

With certification in career and technical education from the Department of Education, Del Val is now able to continue to expand and improve upon its offerings; the school is looking to get certified in the Computer Science Academy as well. Additionally through the concurrent enrollment (CE) program, students can potentially earn college credit for specific courses taken here at Del Val, depending on each student’s final grade in one of these courses. The credits will transfer to participating colleges including Seton Hall, Rutgers, NJIT, and RVCC.

Delaware Valley is also looking to communicate more effectively with our sending districts and elementary schools, as well as to work alongside other school districts. Additionally, the school’s public outreach will also be extended through monthly segments shown on our new cable TV station. The segments will focus on the highlights of the school and will strive to keep those who are interested informed on what’s happening at Del Val.

In terms of renovation, the reconstruction will continue on the chemistry labs until October, when they will be of use to staff and students. The labs have been here since Del Val opened its doors, and their remodeling will be the last major facility improvement done for some time.

The science department is also very pleased to showcase their new dissection table, which they presented on Back to School Night. The tables were originally intended for the Biomedical Academy, but they may be available for use in other biology classes as well.

In terms of advice for new and returning students, Wasserbach says, “I think it’s important to remember that you get out what you put in. Things are not always going to come easy for you, but if you work hard, and you join, and you participate, and you become a part of [this school], you can make a difference, and it will make your high school experience that much better.”

Principal Olcott also adds that, “It’s a fresh start, academically and socially.” She recommends that all students explore their interests, because, “you never know what you might like. Maximize your year and everything you can get out of the special things Del Val has to offer because four years goes by so quickly.”

With that, let’s make the most of the new school year.