Slideshow: Del Val music department takes off to Disney

The Delaware Valley Regional High School choral and band program arrived at the Newark airport in the early morning of April 6, 2022. They were on their way to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, where they would be participating in both choral and band workshops. The students would also have the chance to spend a day in each Disney Park. (Avery Fitz)
The Delaware Valley Regional High School choral and band program stayed in Disney’s All-Star Music Resort, one of Disney’s theme motels. It had different sections throughout the resort, all relating to different genres of music. Del Val’s music department stayed in the Rock Inn for four nights. (Avery Fitz)
On the first day of the trip, the students and chaperones visited Disney’s Magic Kingdom. They got to see parades and marching band performances from schools from all across the country. On the last day of the trip, they were able to come back to Magic Kingdom before leaving for the airport. (Avery Fitz)
While they were in the Disney Parks, the students were able to separate into groups of at least three and send hourly check in pictures. The Del Val music department got to go on many rides at each Disney Park they went to. A lot of them dressed up in Disney themed outfits, like Ms. Severns who sported Winnie the Pooh ears while overseeing the students. (Avery Fitz)
At the end of their first night, the group got to see the fireworks show at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. It portrayed some of the popular movies Disney has made, and the fireworks and lights corresponding to them. To go along with the fireworks and lights, music was projected all across the park; it was much more than just a firework show. (Avery Fitz)
On April 7, 2022, their second day on the trip, the group went to Disney’s Epcot. In the morning, those who were involved in choir attended the Choir Workshop, where they recorded songs and sound effects to go along with the music. While they were in Epcot, all of the students got to experience various cultures from all around the world. (Avery Fitz)
While at Epcot, it began to rain, but that did not stop the students from having fun. In each country, rides from different Disney movies were open, and they had a great time riding them. They had the great opportunity to eat at different restaurants, each representing a different cuisine. (Avery Fitz)
On April 8, 2022, the students who were involved in the bands went to the band workshop, where they got to learn from an established Disney performer. During their time together, they got to record two popular Disney songs. After the recording, it was dubbed over the original scene in the movie, except now it was the Del Val band playing and not professionals. (Avery Fitz)
Later that day, they got to experience the magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. While they were there, they had the amazing opportunity to see animals from all around the world, and similar to Epcot, they got to experience different cultures. At the end of the night, they enjoyed a “firework” show, although it did not actually involve fireworks to avoid scaring the animals. (Avery Fitz)
On April 9, 2022, the group went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios while sporting their Disney ’22 shirts. They got to spend the whole day at the park and have all kinds of fun. Del Val spent the day in Star Wars Galaxy, Toy Story Land and all throughout the land of Hollywood. (Avery Fitz)
In Disney’s Hollywood Studios, they went on many different rides, which had lots of components to them. Some of the rides were 4D and others were roller coasters. It was a thrilling experience. (Avery Fitz)
On the last day of their trip, April 10, 2022, they returned to the Magic Kingdom. This time they went on more rides and explored the park. They savored the last bits of Disney before leaving to return to New Jersey. (Avery Fitz)
Before heading to the Orlando Airport, they saw some characters who waved goodbye. According to Disney’s COVID restrictions, visitors were not allowed to give characters hugs, but that has since been lifted. Del Val had a blast on their last day in Disney World before returning to school. All in all, the trip was both educational and memorable. (Avery Fitz)