Fear Street Part Three : 1666

Jaime Salerno, The Delphi Staff

If you were one of the many who enjoyed The Crucible, then you will love Fear Street Part Three: 1666.

If you need a recap of Part Two, click here.

Part Three starts off with Deena reuniting the hand of Sarah Fier to the rest of her body at Fier’s grave. Upon putting the hand back, Deena is visually sent back in time as Fier to experience what she had in 1666.

The third film puts the characters in new roles during the year 1666. Photo via Netflix

Fier lives among a few of families in a small village, which is the soon to be Shadyville. Fier and her friends decide that they want to have a party in the woods, but Fier and her two friends, Lizzie and Hannah, want to go steal “drugged berries” from the old widow. However, upon entering her house and stealing the berries, they come across a book of black magic. Freaked out, they run away and head to the party.

The party doesn’t go as planned. Fier and Hannah are harassed by Caleb, so they run away from him and then share a love for each other, like Deena and Sam had in Part One. However, this was extremely frowned upon during the time, and unfortunately for them, they are seen by Thomas.

Everything starts to go downhill from here. The food and water was destroyed and the Pastor starts acting extremely strange before turning to murder. Of course, the town says that this was all caused by witchcraft, and Caleb decides to accuse both Sarah and Hannah of being the witches that cursed the poor town.

Sarah then steals the widows book and goes on a lengthy adventure to try and prove the accusations wrong.

Part Three, to me, is very similar to The CrucibleThey both have the old town being “cursed” by witches, and the innocent people begin dying due to accusations. I personally didn’t dislike, but also didn’t like, The Crucible, but I really like Part Three. Even though they are very similar in the story, Part Three spiced it up a little with a twist that makes it a lot more interesting, and it’s a lot more of a thriller than The Crucible.

The story was actually pretty good. I understood this story the most out of all three movies because it’s where everything started, and you get an understanding of why Sarah Fier is haunting the town. And, to me at least, the story seemed so familiar that it helped me understand the trilogy more.

On a gore scale, I would give this movie a 5/10. It’s not very gory, but there were some moments during the film when the violence makes an appearance. It wasn’t extreme gore, but it was still present in the movie.

I also recommend this film for those who love old-time thriller movies.

Fear Street Part Three: 1666 was released July 16, 2021. It stars Kiana Madeira (Sarah Fier/Deena), Elizabeth Scopel (“Real” Sarah Fier), Olivia Scott Welch (Hannah Miller), Benjamin Flores Jr. (Henry Fier), Julia Rehwald (Lizzie), Fred Hechinger (Isaac), Michael Chandler (The Pastor/Cyrus Miller), and Ashley Zukerman (Solomon Goode). The movie runs 1:54 and can be found on Netflix.