NFL announces Pro Bowl will be flag football game this year

Joe Corvino, The Delphi Staff

The National Football League’s official website announced on Sept. 26 that this season’s Pro Bowl will be a skills competition with a flag football all-star game at the end of the week.

The 2023 Pro Bowl game will take place on Feb. 5 in Las Vegas.

Recently, there have been a handful of skill challenges during the week leading up to the Pro Bowl game, but traditionally the Pro Bowl has been a standard, four-quarter football game with the best-of-the-best for each conference squaring off against each other.

Because many of today’s players don’t take the game very seriously because of the risk of injury, viewership for Pro Bowl games has drastically declined over the past decade.

While the NFL hasn’t officially released what skill challenges will be present, fans are hoping for a few specific ones, including a quarterback throwing competition, some type of 40-yard dash or speed challenge and a one-handed catch competition.

“I think it’s whimpy that grown men who get paid hundreds of millions of dollars a year will play flag football,” said freshman Owen Keane.

In the past few years, the Pro Bowl has been played at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii and was viewed as a mini vacation for players and their families, but this year, the NFL has announced that the 2023 Pro Bowl will be played in the new home of the Las Vegas Raiders, Alligant Stadium.

”I did think there was something special about it being in Hawaii,” said teacher Brian Smith.

Something about the environment was different about Pro Bowl games being played in Hawaii. Fans enjoyed having a football game in a state without a team to call its own.

“Im not really a fan of it [the changes], but I understand why the NFL changed the Pro Bowl this year,” said Smith.