Future of Del Val’s football field



The design of the future multi-purpose turf field.

Amelia Mead, The Delphi Staff

Imagine playing your favorite sport on a professional-level field. In 2022, with the help of the community, Del Val can have its very own multi-purpose turf field!

As the marching band and many student athletes know, the Del Val football field is not always optimal for performance. Uneven grass or puddles of mud can cause mistakes that could have been avoided.

With the installment of the new field, according to Del Val’s superintendent, Mrs. Wasserbach, “As is customary, the athletic office will develop the schedule. [The field] will also serve our performing arts and marching band as well as other programs.”

The schedule will allow all sports to play on the field and raise the quality of play. There will be no more patches of dirt from the cleats ripping up the grass, the ball during soccer and field hockey games will be less likely to bounce awkwardly, and the disadvantages when playing at away turf fields will be eliminated.

As Ms. Wasserbach said, the turf field will not only help athletes, but also the marching band and color guard, as there will be a flat surface for their instruments and no divots to trip on.

Another benefit is that once it rains, after a short period of time, everyone can go back on the field since turf fields dry so quickly. 

Due to the issues surrounding the grass field’s age, it is not the first time the board has heard of the need of a turf field. In 2019, the Board of Education had the plan to replace the football field with a multi-purpose turf field proposed to them by the Ad Hoc Educational Long Range Planning (ELRP) Community Committee. As one of the only high schools without a turf field in New Jersey, the board quickly talked and came to an agreement to start the project.

The new field will cost over $1,000,000, but one financial benefit to come from the pandemic is the saved money from closing the school and after school activities. Del Val has also secured $200,000 from the Board of Education. “The Capital Reserve Fund is one of very few opportunities the board has to set aside money into a reserve to be used for capital improvements when needed,” Wasserbach said.

While $1,000,000 may seem unachievable, with the help from the Ad Hoc Turf Committee and the community, Del Val will be able to reach the goal. If you would like to donate to help make Del Val even better, click here!