Shadow and Bone: season 2 casting announcement


Photo via Netflix

From left: Anna Leong Brophy, Lewis Tan, Patrick Gibson, Jack Wolfe

Sadie Swanson, The Delphi Staff

On January 13, 2022, Shadow and Bone announced the new members of the cast.

Shadow and Bone, written by Leigh Bardugo, was first published June 5, 2012. The trilogy consisting of Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm and Ruin and Rising, which were all released within a two year span.

The next year, Bardugo released the first of a duology, Six of Crows, released Sept. 29, 2015, and Crooked Kingdom, published on Sept. 20, 2016.

Bardugo also has two more books in the ‘Grishaverse,” King of Scars, released Jan. 29, 2019, and Rule of Wolves, which was released on March 30, 2021.

The show  Shadow and Bone, directed by Lee Toland Krieger, which also has The Crows mixed in, was released only on Netflix on April 23, 2021. The cast consists of Jessie Mei Li, Ben Barnes, Archie Renaux, Freddy Carter, Amita Suman, Danielle Galligan, Calahan Skogman and Kit Young.

There were some characters missing from the show in the first season, but they will appear in Season 2!

The final Crow, Wylan Hendriks, will be played by Jack Wolfe. Wolfe is an up and coming 26-year-0ld actor. He is a British native, born in Dewsbury, United Kingdom.

Wylan Hendriks, also known as Wylan Van Eck,  is recruited as a Crow for their rescue of Bo Yul-Bayer, and to break into the Ice Court because of his knowledge of demolitions.

Wylan is the son of Jan Van Eck, who ends up being one of the main antagonists in Crooked Kingdom. Wylan and his father were on bad terms after his mother “died,” and then Jan even tried to have Wylan killed when his new girlfriend became pregnant with his new heir, leaving Wylan alone in Ketterdam, Kerch.

Wylan was found by Jesper Fahey, who wants to introduce Hendriks to the rest of the Dregs, who then becomes a Crow after he shows his demolition skills. At the end of the duology, it is shown that Wylan and Jesper have a romantic relationship.

The next character, Nikolai Lantsov, will be played by actor Patirck Gibson. Gibson has been in movies like Tolkien, In a Relationship, The White Princess and The Darkest Minds. Gibson is an Irish actor, and is also 26-years-old.

Lantsov was first introduced to the series in the book Siege and Storm, presented as infamous privateer, Sturmhond, who also worked with Tolya and Tamar, two new characters coming to Shadow and Bone. The Darkling, played by Ben Barnes, had hired Sturmhond and his crew to transport him and the group he brought through the seas to find a mythical dragon, Rusalye, which was the next amplifier for Alina Starkov, played by Jessie Mei Li.

Sturmhond fakes his alligience to The Darkling and helps Alina and Malyen Orestev, played by Archie Reneaux. They killed the dragon, and then works on building the trust between himself and Alina.

After starring in two books of the Shadow and Bone trilogy, he moves on to appear and be a main character in King of Scars and Rule of Wolves, also making a small cameo in Crooked Kingdom. Nikolai ends up with Zoya Nazyalensky, implied of getting married.

The next two characters, Tolya Yul-Bataar and Tamar Kir-Bataar, are twin Grisha Heartrenders.

Tolya is played by actor Lewis Tan, age 34, starring in movies such as Mortal Kombat, Wu Assassins, and Deadpool 2.

Tolya is first introduced as a part of Sturmhond‘s crew, and then becoming part of Alina Starkov‘s guard crew. After the Ravkan civil war, Tolya, due to his large size, becomes Nikolai Lantsov‘s personal guard.

While Tolya is brave and courageous, he does have a fear of caves and underground places due to his time spent there in Ruin and Rising with Alina and other side characters.

He is described as having long, dark hair that is often tied at the bottom of his neck, with bronze skin and golden eyes. He’s extremely tall, and due to his alliierte to the Sun Saint, Alina Starkov, he has tattoos on his arms.

Tolya appears in Siege and Storm, Ruin and Rising, King of Scars and Rule of Wolves. Tolya is not given a love interest at the end of the series, yet he does claim that he prefers books and his faith over relationships.

The final new character being introduced is Tamar Kir-Bataar, Tolya’s twin sister. She was also a part of Sturmhond’s crew and then also joins Alina’s personal guard.

Tamar will be played by Anna Leong Brophy. Anna’s age is unknown, and she has starred in movies like The Conversations, Paradise War: The Story of Bruno Manser and shows like Traces and Back.

Tamar is featured in Siege and Storm, Ruin and Rising, King of Scars and Rule of Wolves. Tamar, like her twin brother, has bronze skin, golden eyes, and dark hair. Her hair, though, is short and close-cropped. She wears her axes on her side and has tattoos dedicated to the Sun Saint on her arms. Tamar also has an amplifier for her grisha powers which is a shark tooth necklace, worn around her neck.

Tamar ends up with Nadia Zhabin, getting married in the time between Ruin and Rising and King of Scars. Nadia is also a part of the Shadow and Bone series, both book and show.

The show has been rumored to be released in 2023, and production has just begun.