The 90’s comeback


Photograph via Amelia Mead

Del Val students dancing at Homecoming, taken with a disposable camera.

Amelia Mead, The Delphi Editor

Although the late 1900s draw further into the past, the trends during that time are back in current mainstream media.

From 2018 to the end of 2019, scrunchies were seen on almost every wrist, and that can be accredited to apps such as TikTok and Instagram for reinventing the accessory. Due to the range of colors, sizes, and shapes, scrunchies were a centerfold for any outfit. 

In the 90’s, the hair ties were popularized by Rommy Revson, a singer and pianist. She wanted a safer option for putting up hair and came up with the scrunchie.

For more information about the history of scrunchies, click here.

Popular shows during the 90’s are also seeing a return, such as Friends and That ‘70s Show. These TV shows have timeless jokes and plots that everyone can enjoy, especially people who grew up when these shows aired due to nostalgia.

Mr. Smith, an English teacher at Del Val, believes these shows were so popular back then because they “were more personal.”  Due to Netflix not existing back then, there was no way to binge shows in one sitting, “You had to be there when it aired. There was a sense of growing up with the characters,” said Smith.

While new watchers are not able to experience the same sort of bond with the characters, the comeback has helped connect the newer and older generations.

Photograph via Amelia Mead

Another trend which has resurfaced in recent years is the 90’s style: bright colored crop tops, baggy “mom” jeans, and chunky jewelry. The appeal of this season of style completely contrasts the hipster trend that took over the 2010 era. 

These outfits can be seen on various media platforms and in teen fashion. 

The last trend the article will cover is the hype for disposable cameras. Present technology has allowed for users to take and access photos within seconds. However, there is an element lost in this instant gratification which disposable cameras can provide. 

Disposable cameras add different filters to the photos, which makes no two photos look the same.

As many trends from the 90’s have returned in today’s pop culture, younger generations can enjoy and redefine the 90’s style and older generations to relive their younger years.