Local artist returns to Del Val


Avery Fitz

Prickett demonstrates her pottery skills to a Del Val art class.

Avery Fitz, The Delphi Editor

Kaitlynn Prickett, a 2017 graduate from Delaware Valley Regional High School, returned this past December to showcase her artwork to students in the art program.

Prickett was so excited when she got the chance to come back to Del Val after graduating in 2017.

“Del Val was like a home to me when I was here. It was a safe haven for me,” said Prickett.

Since graduating, she has started her own pottery business on Etsy and is employed at a teaching studio: Kissimmee River Pottery.

She found her biggest inspiration in Mr. Farnsworth, an art teacher at Del Val. That is when she started getting into pottery, finding her preferred art medium.

“Mr. Farnsworth pushed me in new directions, and he’s definitely the reason I am a potter,” said Prickett. “My relationship with him is still very important to me.”

Prickett encourages everyone who is an aspiring artists to just keep trying new things and just do what you are inspired to do.

In the future, Prickett hopes to open her own studio beyond her Etsy store.

If you are interested in her pottery, check out her Esty account here.