What is my life like as a theater kid?

Gino Colucci, Contributing Writer, Class of '19

What’s your idea of a theater kid? By that I mean what’s the first image that comes to mind? Whatever it may be, I’m here to tell you what my life as a theater kid is like. I started performing in the theater at Del Val at the end of my junior year, and the first show I did was The Crucible. I was completely new to the game, but I had friends in the program so it wasn’t too hard to fit in. After that show, I fell in love with theater; it was my passion and something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I didn’t start performing on the stage until my junior year, and waiting so long is something that I will always regret.

My junior year ended, and with that so did the show. But it wasn’t the end for me or the theater program. Now here i am in my senior year of high school. The last hoorah before I move on to college. As soon as the year started, I decided to go for the gold, do all the shows and have the best year of high school I could. This year, the productions were Waylen, Drama Rehab and Urinetown with the spring play just around the corner. I got casted for Waylen, which was a new challenge for me to overcome. It had a small cast and it was difficult for me, but it felt great. Since there was such a small cast, we got insanely close, and it finally clicked with me that this is where I belong and can be myself.

Next up was Urinetown, which was my first, and last, high school musical. I had seen all the other musicals at Del Val, and I always thought they were fantastic. Finally, it was time for me to take the stage and make this musical the best it possibly could be. Don’t worry, I’ll be writing another piece for those of you who are interested in what happens and just how much work goes into the musicals.  

I guess that makes me a theater kid. I said before that I would tell you what my life as a theater kid is like. It’s the best kind of life. At first, it’s just like everything else, scary and new, but it doesn’t take long to realize just how great it is. The things we do on stage, the things people watch and are amazed by, are so much more fun to be a part of. The theater program is a family, a place where you’re free to be you and there’s no judgement. So come be yourself, come have the time of your high school life, come to the theater program. No, that’s wrong. Don’t come join the theater program; come join the most loving family you’ll ever be a part of and enjoy the show.