Freshman Field Day: AKA bragging rights for team light blue


Mr. Smith

Team Yellow takes on Team Navy in Volleyball on Freshman Field Day

Gabriella Maffie, The Delphi Editor

The much anticipated Freshman Field Day has come to a close, and here is a quick recap. If you were not following along on The Delphi’s Twitter account (, here is some information about what happened on Friday.

Each year, this event is extremely popular amongst freshman, and for most serves as a great memory throughout the rest of their high school careers. Freshman Field Day is much more than a series of competitions; rather, it can serve as bragging rights for the rest of high school. Many seniors can still recall exactly how their teams performed in every event and remember how their teams placed by the end of the day, especially if they won. After the opening ceremony and a few words from Mrs. Grady, all of the teams, Light Blue, Gray, Gold and Navy, were broken up into sub-groups of “A,” “B,” “C,” or “D.” From there, the senior leaders took their groups to four different events for the morning portion of the day: Jeopardy, Boxball, Volleyball and Kickball. The first round of Jeopardy left the Navy team in the lead.

After these events, everyone came together by the football field to enjoy a lunch of hot dogs, chips and Rita’s ice. Aidan Fernandez, a senior, provided the music for the event, which many students danced to during the lunch break. After lunch, the students came together in the bleachers where Mrs. Grady revealed the grand mid-way point totals before the relay races. Just six points separated first and fourth place, which is very impressive.

At this point, the Light Blue team and the Gray team were tied for first place with 88 points. Team Navy had 82 points and Team Yellow had 86 points. After the announcement, the pressure was on to see who would claim the title of “Freshman Field Day Champions.” The teams’ final events included an egg toss, a water balloon toss, a dizzy bat race and a tug-of-war. Tug-of-war is an annual favorite, and many senior helpers could not wait to take their turn at the game while the final calculations were being made. Only ONE point separated first and second place for the day with Gray team coming in second with 159 points and Light Blue taking the crown with 160 points. Overall, it was a great day for the freshman, and The Delphi hopes the day was filled with fun and memories that students will remember throughout their next four years at Del Val.

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