American Girl releases Chinese-American doll for 2022


Photo via American Girl

American Girl releases its first Chinese-American doll in 2022: Corinne Tan.

Sara Matthews, The Delphi Staff

Every new year, a brand new American Girl doll is created. 

The creator of these dolls, Pleasant Rowland, came back from Williamsburg and realized there had been a lack of dolls. She was looking for gifts, realizing she could not find the perfect gift. Rowland saw this as a chance to release a new kind of doll. 

The American Girl dolls have been around since 1986. Samantha, Kristen and Molly were the first to be launched, starting the tradition of the dolls that is still continued today.

More accessories came out, as the dolls were becoming more popular. Although every doll comes with a book about their story, the dolls have adopted pets, glasses, or headbands that resemble them. 

Most books were turned into movies. Currently, there are around ten movies made, making the most recent one being from 2015, Grace Stirs up Success. 

Around 151 million of the books were sold and about 27 million dolls were bought ever since they were invented, 1986. 

However, many argue that the pricing of the dolls are too expensive, ranging at 110.00 dollars per doll. While others say it’s money well worth spending. Making the dolls is a long process, resulting in the price being high.

Before 2022, the company announced the new and upcoming arrival of the first Asian American Girl doll, Corinne Tan. According to,“[she is] the first Chinese American doll to hold that title. The company says her story will teach kids about standing up to racism, among other lessons.” 

Each doll has a passion of her own. Corinne Tan expresses her love for winter activities. She enjoys skiing, skating or spending time out in the snow with her younger sister, Gwynn, and her puppy. 

There are also American Girl dolls that you can customize and “create your own.” Making there be different skin tones, a variety of colored eyes, hair, facial features and more.

Each year, the American Girl company produces a new unique doll, and Corinne is sure to be a hit with fans.