Senior Decision Week


Photo Via Ms.MacDad

Del Val’s first annual Senior Decision Week will take place from April 25-April 29.

Jaime Salerno, The Delphi Staff

Starting Monday, April 25 and ending Friday, April 29, Del Val will be hosting Senior Decision Week.

Senior Decision Week is a school event where students will dress up to show off their school spirit. Each grade will be competing against each other: freshman against sophomores against juniors against seniors.

The event is scored by a point system; the more students that participate, the more points your grade gets. At the end of the week, the winning grade, whichever one has the most points, will get a prize.

The winning team will be announced on Thursday and will receive its prize on Friday.

The school dress code still applies for each day.

Monday will feature “My Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades.” Wear your sunglasses to school.

Tuesday, dress as your future career. For example, dress in scrubs if you want to be a future nurse. 

Wednesday will be “Anything But a Backpack Day.” Bring in anything you can find to carry your things in instead of a backpack. However, you CANNOT bring anything living or anything that can damage the school floors. Wednesday will also feature a college trivia game, which will also gain your class more points.

Thursday is Back to the Beach, so wear your beach attire. There will also be a volleyball tournament during the second half of lunch. Freshman will go against the seniors, and sophomores will face the juniors. The two winning teams will then play to compete against a teacher team.

Lastly Friday is Decision Day. Seniors, wear your college/military gear or Del Val gear/colors. Other classes should show school spirit with their Del Val gear.  Seniors will also have their pictures taken in their attire for a senior slide show.

Make sure to show your spirit. Go Terriers!