Mrs. Esposito is a new voice for Del Val


Brian Smith

Mrs. Esposito serves as an speaker for many Del Val events, including the Literary Magazine Release Party, of which she is the advisor.

Jack Markowski, The Delphi Editor

Mrs. Esposito, an English teacher at Del Val, is a new addition to the booth for each home football game this season.

Esposito’s first experience in PA announcing was as a DJ in California on the weekends. She described the venue as having a “family atmosphere” and the job as “less nerve-wracking” when compared to other PA experiences she’s had. After moving to New Jersey, she continued deejaying at a nightclub and worked there for 10 years. She went on to become a designated announcer and ring-leader at veteran’s events. Since arriving at Del Val, she has been a longtime member of the arts and musical programs, and, in turn, is involved with the events that come with those programs as well. However, when a new, somewhat foreign opportunity was presented to her, she couldn’t turn it down. “I got an email from Mr. Deniz and was told that they needed someone [to broadcast the football games]” Esposito said. This opportunity was especially intriguing to her as it allowed her to become connected to a part of Del Val that she hadn’t been prior to that point: athletics.

While there are many events that Mrs. Esposito enjoys PA announcing for, there is one in particular that really stands out to her: contests, or whenever someone can win something. One of her favorite memories in the field involves a Halloween costume contest that she used to run at her old workplace; the festive mood and creativity of all the participants stood out to her and was something she looked forward to every October. Remembrances and recognitions for an individual’s achievements are among her favorites as well, as these events hold a lot of weight and she believes it’s important to acknowledge all the good things that someone has done in life.

PA announcing has allowed Esposito to interact with the community and school in ways that she wouldn’t be able to otherwise, which is one of her favorite aspects about being in the booth. She also enjoys getting to enhance the crowd’s experience and makes sure to always come prepared to keep that experience enjoyable. To hear Mrs. Esposito in action, be sure to come out to the Homecoming game this Friday at 7 pm.