Volley for Life fights cancer


Mr. Gessner

Volley for Life brought 9 teams to The Hutch to raise money to combat cancer

Del Val hosted its Volley for Life Fundraiser for the American Cancer Society on Friday, November 15.

The American Cancer Society is an organization found nationwide that dedicates its time researching, and finding ways, to eliminate cancer.

The fundraiser was a chance for students to create teams and participate in a volleyball tournament. The games were held in the Hutch Gym, and students were asked for a donation of ten dollars each in order to participate. A total of nine teams participated in the fundraiser and were able to raise $587 for the organization.

Teams dressed according to individual themes to represented their teams. Each game was seven minutes long with nine rounds. After the nine rounds were the playoffs. Once a team lost its game in the playoffs, the team was out of the tournament.

The winning team was Team Four, led by juniors Keegan Conti, Walter Heiser, Austin Piscitelli, Matthew Bodalato, Ryan Stephens, and Thomas Della Badia.