Abby Hancsin Bored Ideas

Abigail Hancsin, The Delphi Staff

Around the world, people are bored. We have to practice “social distancing,” stores are shut down and there’s really not much to do. Here are five things to try when you have “nothing to do.”

#1: Go for a walk

Living in the “Garden State,” we are surrounded by beautiful nature. In Hunterdon County alone, you could go for a hike at Musconetcong Gorge, the High Bridge Waterfall, The Hunterdon County Arboretum, the Columbia Trail, Uplands Reserve, and plenty more.

#2: Bake 

Baking helps you express creativity, even if it is just making a cake from a box mix. It’s a great way to pass time and then you get to enjoy your work afterward. You can find some great recipes on websites such as , where you can learn to make things like truffles, s’more cookies and banana bread.

#3: Clean and organize your room 

There are so many benefits to organizing your room, including increased productivity, a better state of mind and feeling accomplished. No one wants to go to sleep in a room with a floor covered with dirty clothes and food crumbs all over. 

#4: Listen to music 

Relax, close your eyes, and just listen to the lyrics. Make a playlist of all your favorite songs and listen. Better yet, find a genre of music you don’t usually listen to and try listening to some new songs. 

#5: Have a movie night 

Microwave some popcorn, grab that ice cream and turn on your favorite movie. There are brand new movies on Netflix and plenty of additions to Disney+ that are being released today.